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Hotel, bar and Restaurant Lifts




Wherever food needs to be transported between floors, this range of service lifts (dumbwaiters) offers the ideal answer.



• To satisfy hygiene demands, Stainless steel and floors shelves are supplied as standard. Other stainless steel surface finishes are available as an option. A special seamless hygienic car is available as an option for more rigorous requirements.

• Car protection is an important consideration when moving food, as are optional heated compartments.

• Automatic "hands free" doors are available as an option on this range of lifts.

• A bottom drive variant is available for applications where low headroom is a problem.

• A special two-tier Combination lift is available-effectively two lifts in one so that different types of goods can be moved in the same unit.

• For administration applications, two document lift models with 5kg and 20kg capacities are also available.









Developed to meet the requirements of the very short lead-time market 50 and 100kg advantage lift are available. These lifts are available as two stop, single or through-entry machines with a maximum of 4 metres of travel which can be easily adjusted on site and can be supplied with either single phase or three phase drives. All car and land finishes are supplied in stainless steel as standard and landing doors have two hour fire ratings as standard.







This specialised 100kg 2-stop low headroom service lift is ideal for bars, pubs and restaurants. The use of a low level winding unit arrangement means that the top floor entrance will fit unobtrusively under any counter or bar.

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